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Is Smoothie King Healthy?

February 29, 2024

Is Smoothie King Healthy?

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“Is Smoothie King healthy?”

It’s a question we’re frequently asked, and while the term “healthy” is often in the eye of the beholder, we can definitively say that Smoothie King is committed to offering more nutritious smoothie options than you’ll find at many other smoothie stores. At Smoothie King, we use real fruits and organic veggies in our smoothies, providing our guests with nutrient-filled smoothie options to help them achieve their health goals. Many of our smoothies have zero added sugar, and if you’re looking for a nutritious meal-replacement smoothie, be sure to check out the many smoothies we offer with 10g or more of protein.

To help you track specific ingredients, review our No-No list for a closer look at unnecessary ingredients and additives we keep away from our smoothies.

Here, we’ll dive a little deeper into how we make nutritious smoothie options, as well as cover our popular blends that are specifically crafted to support our customers along their health and wellness journeys.

What Is Smoothie King's No-No List?

At Smoothie King, we believe in transparency. We strive to let you know what is going into your smoothie and what isn’t. There are many smoothies out there that are packed with artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our No-No List clearly lists the unnecessary additives that we keep out of our smoothies as part of our Clean Blends promise. With real fruits and organic vegetables as the base of our smoothies, you can rest assured that many of our smoothie options are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Smoothie Blends with Purpose

Many of our smoothie blends are designed to help our guests with their various health and wellness goals. Whether you’re working towards specific fitness goals or need nutritious options to help support your weight management progress, Smoothie King has a blend of smoothies tailored for you.

Smoothie King’s Clean Blends Spinach smoothie on a bed of fresh spinach

Feel Energized Blends

Whether you need to start the day off with the right amount of energy or you’re looking for that midday pick-me-up, our Feel Energized smoothie blends have just what you need. Browse our coffee and espresso smoothies to kick off your day the right way. Or, if you find yourself facing the afternoon slumps, why not go for one of our Pure Recharge® smoothies? Make the better choice when looking for that extra kick for your day with Smoothie King.

Get Fit Blends

Pre- and post-workout shakes are all the rage in the fitness world these days, but reading the ingredient list for any number of those shakes can be daunting or, at the very least, leave you questioning just what exactly you’re putting into your body. With Smoothie King’s Get Fit Blends, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a nutritious smoothie made with real fruits and organic veggies blended with protein-rich ingredients. With our Gladiator® Protein smoothies, for example, you’re getting a “complete” protein that contains all nine essential amino acids as well as important electrolytes.

Manage Weight Blends

We all need help from time to time when it comes to properly managing weight. Our Manage Weight smoothie blends offer a variety of benefits and supportive ingredients to help you achieve your weight goals. Look for our Metabolism Boost® smoothies to help maximize the benefits of your fitness routine, or try our Power Meal™ smoothies. Our 20oz Power Meal™ smoothies offer a delicious 20g of protein with 350 calories or less in addition to 7g of fiber and 23 vitamins and minerals, that won’t completely damage your waistline.

Choose Smoothie King to Help You on Your Health Journey

Man and woman stretching for a run with a Smoothie King smoothie cup in the foreground

At Smoothie King, we want to support you with your health goals and wellness journey. We believe that starts with nutrition, and many of our smoothie options are meticulously crafted to assist you in achieving your health and active lifestyle goals, setting you up for success and the ability to be the best version of yourself.

With Smoothie King, you no longer have to sacrifice delicious flavor in working towards your health goals. Discover a Smoothie King blend that works best for you and your wellness journey, and find a location near you.

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