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With a variety of helpful articles to keep you focused to reach your health and fitness goals.


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Happy National Coffee Day!

Is coffee healthy for you? Learn about the benefits of healthy coffee drinks and how smoothies with coffee can capitalize on those benefits.

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Does Food Affect Your Mood? Staying Healthy – Physically & Mentally

What you eat affects your health, but can it affect more than how you feel physically? Here is a look into how food can influence your mood from Smoothie King.

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10 Unexpectedly Tasty Smoothie Ingredients (& Their Benefits)

Today we’re highlighting unexpectedly tasty and healthy smoothie ingredients that you can find in Smoothie King blends. Try something new – you might like it!

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Maximize Your Muscle Recovery with Smoothie King’s The Activator® Smoothies

Protein and electrolytes are critical for your body to recover properly after exercise, but what makes Smoothie King’s post-workout smoothies special?

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Does “5 A Day” Really Make a Difference?

You’ve heard of WHO’s “5 A Day” health campaign, but is it really beneficial? Find out and get your nutrients in with the best fruit smoothies!

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What to Eat After Donating Plasma

What should you eat after giving plasma? Here’s how foods like protein smoothies, fruits, and dairy products can help your body recover after donating plasma.

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Is Diet Culture Healthy? Focus on Whole Foods First

Instead of feeding into diet culture, consider fueling yourself with whole foods and whole blends to support healthy weight loss or management! Read on.

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How to Squeeze More Vitamin C Into Your Diet

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for immunity support, and increasing your daily intake is as easy as drinking a multivitamin smoothie. Learn more here.

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Smoothie King’s (New!) Smoothie Subscription Service

Get your favorite ready-to-blend smoothies delivered straight to you with Nourish Daily, Smoothie King’s new personalized smoothie subscription service!

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The History of Smoothie King (And What’s Coming Back)

Smoothie King has grown into an international supplier of healthy smoothies. But when did Smoothie King start? Learn about the history of Smoothie King here.

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