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Which Fruits Are in Season During Fall?

October 2, 2023

Which Fruits Are in Season During Fall?

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Autumn is known for its bountiful harvest. However, some fruits get overshadowed by hearty squashes and potatoes. While we have nothing against rooty vegetables, you can still find plenty of fall fruits, many of which provide great benefits such as vitamin A, which helps with immune support—a pro as your body prepares for the winter months. Finding fruit in season often means you'll be eating it when it tastes the best.

Prepare for your fruit cravings this season by reading about the best fruits for fall and how these fall fruits make the best smoothie ingredients!


Keto Champ Pumpkin Smoothie with ingredients

You didn’t think we’d start with any other fruit, did you?! Contrary to popular belief, a pumpkin is actually considered a fruit because it starts from a flower and contains seeds! Nutritionally, however, it’s closer to a vegetable, so you can get the best of both worlds!

Pumpkin reigns supreme as the dominant flavor of fall, and for good reason. Don’t wait to consume this rich fruit at Thanksgiving. In addition to containing a host of nutrients and minerals, it’s also made of 94% water.

You can enjoy pumpkin in a hearty soup, a curry, or blended into a pumpkin smoothie for an on-the-go treat.


A Smoothie King Strawberry Kiwi Breeze smoothie with seasonal fall fruits

Kiwis are commonly viewed as a summer fruit but can come in season during the fall in many parts of the world, which lets you get this fresh, tangy fruit as the weather starts to turn cold.

Kiwis are small in size but mighty in what they have to offer. Kiwis also give you antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamin C, which helps in supporting your immune system.

You can eat a kiwi sliced (the skin is edible too!), scooped out, or you can try our Strawberry-Kiwi Breeze for the tangy-sweet taste of kiwi.


A Smoothie King Veggie Apple Kiwi Kale smoothie with the best fruits for fall

Apples are a quintessential flavor of fall, in all their varieties. From a sweet Red Delicious to a tart Granny Smith, there is an apple for every preference.

Apples are part of a subgroup of fruit called nutrient-dense fruits, as they pack a punch of nutrients and vitamins in a small serving. As a good source of fiber, and antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C, we’ll be snacking on apples all season long.

Slice an apple (with the skin on for added fiber) and dip it in nut butter, or blend it with other smoothie ingredients to create a refreshing snack.

Acai Berries

A Smoothie King Berry Gogi Getaway Bowl with smoothie ingredients

Acai berries are mostly grown in Brazil. They have two peak seasons, one being the fall months. Because they are grown in South America and have a short shelf life, they are often only available to use in pureed or juice forms.

Acai berries are unique in their nutrition. They contain antioxidant vitamin C and fiber like many other seasonal fall fruits, but they also have fat and low in sugar.

Acai berries have grown popular in the last few years, especially as the base for a smoothie bowl, topped with fresh fruit and coconut for a light but satisfying meal.

Find the Taste of Fall Fruits in Your Favorite Smoothies

A guy giving a girl a piggyback ride as they both drink the best fruit smoothies from Smoothie King

Don’t limit your fruit intake to the warmer months! Make sure you take advantage of the bountiful fruits that arrive in autumn. Their unique benefits are particularly effective in immune support as we transition from the heat of summer to the chilly winter months.

Craving those fresh seasonal fall fruits? Drop by your local Smoothie King for a refreshing taste of your autumn favorites in one delicious treat.

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