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Healthy Rewards FAQs

Healthy Rewards Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Smoothie King Healthy Rewards work?

Smoothie King Healthy Rewards makes it easy to earn healthy rewards. Every $1 spent earns you 100 Purpose Points. Every 2,500 Purpose Points unlocks a $2 Healthy Reward. You can spend it right away or stack multiple rewards for even more savings!

When you reach 35,000 points, you’ll achieve Champion Status and get even more benefits.

How does the app work?

The app makes it easy and convenient for you to both earn and redeem Healthy Rewards with every Smoothie King purchase. You can also search locations, view the menu, and get exclusive in-app offers!

How do I earn Healthy Rewards?

Simply tap the “Scan to Pay and Earn” button and scan your code at the register during each visit. You’ll fill your virtual blender with each Purpose Point that you earn! Once you have reached 2,500 points, you will unlock a $2 Healthy Reward to use on your favorite Smoothie!

What are the Healthy Rewards?

Every $1 spent earns you 100 points. Every 2,500 points unlocks a $2 Healthy Reward. You can spend it right away or stack multiple rewards for even more savings.

Once a reward is issued, can I use multiple Healthy Rewards in the same transaction?

Yes. You can stack as many Healthy Rewards as you’d like, as long as they are within the expiration window.

Is there a limit to how many Purpose Points I can earn?

Yes, guests are limited to earning Purpose Points on $100/day.

Do Purpose Points expire?

Purpose Points expire after 12 months of inactivity. Once you reach 2,500 Purpose Points, your points will convert into a $2 Healthy Reward. Please check your Rewards page for expiration dates for your Healthy Rewards.

Can I earn Purpose Points on a gift card purchase?

Yes, you can earn points when you use your gift card to purchase a smoothie; however, you cannot earn points when you purchase a gift card.

Can I earn Purpose Points when I place a catering order?

You can earn Purpose Points with any purchase, up to $100 per day.

I forgot my phone. Can I still earn Purpose Points?

Yes! Just navigate to the "Guest Support” tab and select “I missed my loyalty points” to upload information from your receipt, and our App Support team will add your points!

I forgot my phone. Can I still redeem Healthy Rewards?

No, you must have your phone and the Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app in order to redeem the rewards you’ve earned.

The store I visited didn’t accept my Healthy Rewards app, what happened, can I still get my points?

Sometimes, stores will be unable to connect to the internet, which inhibits our ability to add points to your account. If this happens during your visit, keep your receipt and input the information into the "Guest Support” tab when you select “I missed my loyalty points”. All stores should accept the Smoothie King Healthy Rewards program, if you are experiencing repeated difficulty, please reach out to Smoothie King Support for further action.

My Healthy Rewards app was used correctly in the transaction, but I don’t see my points, where are they?

Points can take up to 24 hours to post to your account. If you don’t see them after this time has passed, please navigate to “I missed my loyalty points” in the “Guest Support” section within the app to submit your receipt information to our App Support team.

How do I know how many Healthy Rewards/ Purpose Points I have?

Tap the “Healthy Rewards” button on the home page. There you can see how many Healthy Rewards you have, track how many Purpose Points you have, and see how far you are from earning your next reward. To see your status, select the “Status” button for more information.

How do I redeem my Healthy Rewards?

From the main page, click “Scan to Pay and Earn” and scan your QR code at the register. Any applicable rewards will automatically apply, unless they have been toggled off.

If I don’t want to use a reward right now, can I save it for later?

Navigate to your rewards screen by tapping the “Healthy Rewards” banner at the bottom of the main page in the Smoothie King app. Swipe up from the bottom where you see your “Available Rewards” to reveal the list. If there is a toggle next to the reward, then you can save it for later use by tapping on the toggle to switch the reward off. Please note that saving a reward for later will not extend the expiration date.

How can I pay using the Smoothie King Healthy Rewards app?

Tap “Scan to Pay & Earn” on the main page. If you have a debit or credit card linked to your app, you will have two QR codes available: one for scanning and earning loyalty only, the other for both payment and loyalty. Swipe left or right to reveal the other QR code on your app.If you do not have a debit/credit card linked to your app, you will only see the QR code for scanning and earning loyalty only.

Can I use Healthy Rewards on $5 Fridays?

You can earn points on $5 Friday, but you cannot redeem Healthy Rewards on 32oz Smoothies on Friday. Healthy Rewards cannot be combined with any other promotions.

Where can I find allergen and nutritional information?

Please refer to our website for allergen and nutritional information.

I’m having problems with my app. What should I do?

Contact us at to email our technical support team with any potential issues.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

From the Sign In screen, click on the “Forgot Password?” prompt. Enter your email address and hit submit. You will receive an email with a password to log in. You can change your existing password at any time from the “Manage Account” section from the sidebar menu.

How can I find a Smoothie King near me?

You can use the “Locations” search bar and search by City, Address, or Zip Code.

How do I view location hours?

See our location hours on the “Locations” page, accessible from the home screen of this app.

How can I provide feedback on my experience?

Click the “Guest Support” section within the sidebar menu to provide your feedback.

Where can I see the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

You can view the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by navigating to the sidebar menu in the app and clicking “Legal”