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Happy National Smoothie Day!

Celebrate National Smoothie Day with Smoothie King! We'll show you how you can truly customize a smoothie to your body and your health journey. Read more!

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How to Celebrate National Fitness Day this Year

Looking to recommit to your fitness goals? Find ways to celebrate National Fitness Day with workout ideas and protein smoothies to help you feel your best!

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Smoothie King vs. the Competition – What Sets Us Apart

Wondering what sets Smoothie King apart from the "competition?" The nutrition guides don't lie; be deliberate about which smoothie place you support.

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Healthy New Year's Resolution Ideas

Hard to believe it's time for another new year. From prioritizing health to saving money, here are some New Year's resolutions that will make this year your best year yet.

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A Guide to Green Smoothies

Smoothie King has a complete line of green smoothies made with purposeful ingredients that can help support all aspects of your life. See for yourself.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Whey Protein vs. Vegan, Plant-Based Protein

Whey protein shakes & vegan protein shakes don’t have to be bland or boring! Try adding our protein enhancers to any Smoothie King blend so you can Rule the Day.

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Can Smoothies Make You Gain Weight?

Today, we’re tapping into the truth about smoothies and whether a smoothie diet is good for you. Plus, we’ll tell you how to make them healthy at Smoothie King.

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Do Your Pre- and Post-Workout Meals Matter?

When looking for the best pre- or best post-workout smoothie, you should consider the timing of your meals and the ingredients that make up the blend.

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Keto Smoothies? Get Your Fix and Your Fill from Smoothie King

Keto smoothies are something we’re proud to offer at Smoothie King. Learn what makes a smoothie good for keto and what to watch out for in this article.

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Pumpkin-Packed Smoothies Have Arrived

Pumpkin smoothies are here! Indulge in a healthy pumpkin smoothie and Rule the Day with five of Smoothie King’s Pumpkin blends.

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