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Happy National Smoothie Day!

June 21, 2022

Happy National Smoothie Day!

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Time to break out your blender because it’s National Smoothie Day! And nobody celebrates better than Smoothie King on National Smoothie Day. So, when is National Smoothie Day, anyway? It’s celebrated each year on June 21st!

We are big smoothie fans (surprise, surprise), so we want to help you celebrate this holiday by sipping on the best smoothie you can get your hands on. The great part about smoothies is that your flavor combinations can be endless. You’re only limited by how many smoothie creations you can come up with!

The most common types of smoothies contain frozen fruit or veggies along with milk or fruit juice. But we don’t want you to have an average day of smoothies. Here are some fun ideas to amp up your smoothie game for this year’s National Smoothie Day:

Coffee Smoothies

Start National Smoothie Day on the right foot by skipping the café lines and switching out your regular cup of joe for a coffee smoothie! Not only do you get the energizing benefits of your usual coffee, but you can add in whey proteins and almonds. Coffee smoothies can keep you full and satisfied for an extended period and give you the energy you need to rule the day.

Workout Smoothies

Don’t let protein shakes have all the fun! Adding protein to your smoothies can help fuel you for an intense workout session or help you recover afterward. Enjoy a protein-rich smoothie before your workout to get the extra energy you need to push through those final reps and push your limits even further. After your workout, a protein smoothie can help give your body the necessary amino acids to repair and rebuild your muscles from all your exertion. Even better, protein in smoothie form will give you that refreshing post-workout cooldown you'll be craving.

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Plant-Based Smoothies

Good news! You can still enjoy delicious smoothies even if you follow a plant-based diet! Simply mix your favorite fruits and veggies with fruit juice or plant-based milk, such as oat or almond milk, and voila – you have the best fruit smoothie! You can even add in a plant-based protein for some extra fuel. Whether you are vegan or not, plant-based smoothies give you the nutrition and taste you want from healthy plant sources.

Immune Support Smoothies

If you want more out of your smoothie in the long run, go for types of smoothies made with ingredients that support your immune system. Immune-supporting ingredients include citrus fruits, spinach, yogurt, almonds, and kiwis. Adding in these foods can help your immune system work properly to keep you feeling your best.

A Personalized Smoothie

Speaking of health benefits, you can add much more to your smoothies to kick the taste and benefits up a notch. You can add in different types of protein powder, multivitamins, probiotics, slim enhancers, and energy boosts. You can pick and choose what you want your smoothie to do for your body. Having an array of options to customize your smoothie gives you the perfect blend for your health journey.

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Sticking with the Basics

We mentioned earlier that we don’t want you to have an average smoothie day. While consuming your daily recommended servings of fruit and veggies can feel boring, it doesn’t have to be! Foods high in antioxidants, like berries, make for some of the best fruit smoothies – and they win points for taste. You don’t always need something fancy or extraordinary to treat yourself. Sometimes, you don’t need a smoothie to be anything more than a fresh, cold drink to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing workout recovery, an energy boost, or simply a fun treat, enjoy a smoothie at Smoothie King! National Smoothie Day can be celebrated by all, no matter your dietary or physical needs. So, grab a friend to celebrate with and create a smoothie that’s just right for you!

Let us help you Rule the Day this National Smoothie Day!

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