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How to Celebrate National Fitness Day this Year

April 25, 2022

How to Celebrate National Fitness Day this Year

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With summer quickly approaching, it's time to dust off those New Year’s resolutions just in time for National Fitness Day! National Fitness Day falls on the first Saturday of May and is the perfect reason to either create or recommit to your fitness goals. To celebrate this year, we’ve come up with some ideas to get your heart pumping and your body moving as you work toward a healthier you:

Get Moving

Getting up and moving is the first thing to do on National Fitness Day! Whether you plan on an intense workout session or a walk to the park with a friend, any movement is good movement. If you’re not sure where to start, at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day would be an ideal fitness goal for both men and women.

Try a New Exercise

If exercising is already a part of your routine, try mixing it up this National Fitness Day with something out of the ordinary! If you typically do HIIT workouts, maybe some mindful yoga would help stretch out your muscles. If you’re a runner, swimming could help relieve the stress on your joints. You could even try something unconventional like rollerblading, rock climbing, or going to the batting cages. Whatever exercise looks like for you, try out something different – you may even find a new, healthy hobby in the process!

Create a New Playlist

Sometimes, new music is all you need to motivate yourself! If you’ve been listening to the same workout playlist for a while, it might be time to shake things up. You’d be surprised at how something as simple as music can re-energize you and get you excited to work out. This is an especially great idea if you want to observe National Fitness Day but aren’t looking to change your routine too much.

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Change Your Scenery

Similar to changing your music, sometimes changing your surroundings can improve your mood and motivation during your workout. You could consider trying a different route on your run or bringing your yoga outside instead of staying indoors. Trying a new exercise, as mentioned before, could naturally change the scenery of your workout. This will be the case if you choose to do something more unique like hiking, biking, or a water sport.

Participate in an Event

Hosting or joining a National Fitness Day event would not only be a fun way to get your body moving but is also a great way to celebrate with others in your community and friend groups. Events come in all shapes and sizes and can be as time-intensive as you’d like. If you’re looking for something low-key, dropping in on a class at your local gym or organizing a game of touch football with friends are great ways to get your body moving while also getting to socialize. Conversely, you could go big by setting up a local 5K or teaching a group Zumba class at a local park.

Refuel with Smoothie King

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Your diet will majorly impact your fitness goals. After you’ve celebrated National Fitness Day, ensure long-lasting results by making healthy food choices. Eating protein after exercise can help your muscles build and recover quickly. So, treat yourself and get a protein smoothie that fuels your muscles, taste buds, and fitness goals.

Find a way to celebrate National Fitness Day that best suits your fitness goals! Getting your body active and keeping it nourished are equally important to both your physical and mental health.

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