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Keto Smoothies? Get Your Fix and Your Fill from Smoothie King

September 22, 2021

Keto Smoothies? Get Your Fix and Your Fill from Smoothie King

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Are you new to keto? Or has it been a part of your lifestyle for a while now? Either way, there’s always something new to try, even within the bounds of nutritional practices like keto. Enter: keto smoothies. There’s a certain stigma that surrounds keto (and any diet, really), leading people to believe the only things you can eat are boring and bland. The opposite is true if you break it down. We’re here to show you that you can enjoy smoothies with even the strictest nutritional guidelines; you simply have to know where to look and what to watch out for.

What Makes a Smoothie Keto-Friendly?

You know the drill with keto: it’s a low-carb, high-fat diet. The benefits can range from weight loss to maintaining lower cholesterol levels and control of your blood sugar. However, what you might think of as a traditional smoothie doesn’t exactly contain keto-friendly ingredients: fruit, honey, whole milk, etc.

When we say fruit, think of high-carb fruits like bananas and mangoes. Not all fruit goes against a keto diet, however, such as berries which happen to be lower in carbs. They’re also rich in fiber, which can promote digestive health, so it’s something of a win-win.

We want it known that a smoothie isn’t limited to just fruit and dairy, though. We all know veggies have made their way into the smoothie and juice market, and for good reason. We love kale and spinach since they are rich in fiber and vitamin C.

You can add depth to your smoothie flavor profile by utilizing coffee, nut butter (which is rich in fat and low in carbs), or cocoa powder (another low-carb ingredient). There are plenty of swaps for sweeteners or artificial syrups, like stevia, but that’s not all that makes a smoothie.

Other Keto Smoothie Must-Try Ingredients

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Greek Yogurt

Full-fat dairy products have several health benefits in addition to being low-carb and nearly lactose-free. Plus, Greek Yogurt makes a smoothie rich and thick in taste and texture.

Nuts or Nut Butter

Whether you’re using raw nuts or nut butter, nuts are typically high in healthy fats, good sources of fiber, protein, rich in different vitamins and minerals, and they can add a lot to the flavor profile of your keto smoothies.

Substitute Milk (Almond, Oat, Coconut Water, etc.)

Get the creamy consistency you want without going full-fat while you’re staying away from lactose (sugar). This one boils down to personal preference, but be sure to stick to the unsweetened versions for obvious reasons. If you’re unsure about your choice of milk being keto-appropriate, read the label and it should have no more than 2 grams of net carbs per cup.

Powders & Extracts (Almond Extract, Cocoa Powder, Protein Powder, Vanilla Extract, etc.)

These can also add a lot in terms of flavor and benefits without harming your potential nutritional gains, especially if you’re looking for something richer in protein, like a protein shake, rather than a low-calorie smoothie.


  • Leafy Greens – Leafy greens, like spinach and kale, are good add-ins because you can eat them in bulk without much concern since they’re so low in carbs and calories compared to other roots and vegetables. Plus, you hardly notice they’re there. When packed into your smoothie, you receive plenty of nutrients without jeopardizing taste.
  • Pumpkin – When portioned and paired correctly, pumpkin can be quite a nutritious, low-carb vegetable to incorporate into some tasty keto treats, smoothies included. The rich orange color of the squash means it’s full of antioxidants as well as fiber.

Smoothie King Offers Tasty Keto Smoothies Worthy of Your Health Goals

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Next time you find yourself at one of our counters, give our top-selling keto smoothies a try. In more of a fruity mood? Keto Champ™ Berry is your cup. It’s chock-full of wild blueberries, raspberries, our proprietary keto protein blend, almond butter, almond milk, and 100% clean and pure cocoa.

Interested in more of a classic blend? Keto Champ™ Chocolate should be your go-to. It contains almond milk, almond butter, our keto protein blend, 100% cocoa, and Stevia, a plant-based sweetener.

Need a smooth pick-me-up? Try Keto Champ™ Coffee. Ingredients include cold brew coffee, our keto protein blend, almond butter, almond milk, and 100% cocoa. Clean, simple, and delicious keto smoothies are ready and waiting for you at any of our hundreds of Smoothie King locations.

Long gone are the days of boring eats and treats that you’re expected to consume when abiding by keto constraints. Get your low-carb, high-fat, protein-rich fill while satisfying your taste buds by stopping into Smoothie King.

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Learn more about our mission to help carb-conscious guests to rule the day!

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