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Smoothie King Expands Popular Veggie Blends Line

NEW ORLEANS, (March 18, 2016) -- Smoothie King Franchises, Inc., the leading smoothie franchise company with more than 750 stores worldwide, will launch a new Veggie Avocado Pineapple smoothie at all store locations on April 4, 2016. The new smoothie will be an extension of Smoothie King’s popular Veggie Blends line, which features vegetables like kale and carrot.

“Green smoothies are more popular now than ever before,” said Brooke Alpert, Smoothie King’s nutrition consultant. “By blending vegetables like carrots and kale into smoothies with fruits like pineapple and kiwi, people are consuming the extra fiber and nutrients veggies provide, while satisfying their taste buds. It’s a win-win, particularly for Smoothie King guests who don’t eat enough veggies otherwise.”

The Veggie Avocado Pineapple smoothie has 460 calories (for a 20 oz. cup), is an excellent source of dietary fiber, is high in vitamins A, C, iron, and potassium, and is a good source of protein and calcium. The Veggie Avocado Pineapple smoothie, which features additional ingredients like pineapple, carrot and kale, provides one full serving of fruits and vegetables and is naturally gluten free. Other Veggie Blends smoothies on the Smoothie King menu include Berry Carrot Dream, Apple Kiwi Kale, and Carrot Kale Dream. For more information, visit

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