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Get Choco-Lit this Fall with Smoothie King's New Chocolate Hazelnut Drizzled Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie King's New Chocolate Hazelnut Drizzled Smoothie Bowls

DALLAS (Oct. 3, 2023) -- Smoothie King, the world's largest smoothie brand, today announced two new, indulgent Smoothie Bowls – the Açai Cocoa Haze™ and Coco Pitaya-Yah™. Both bowls are dairy-free and vegan, and feature new toppings, including chocolate hazelnut drizzle and cocoa nibs, for an irresistible sweet/salty combination. The latest additions to Smoothie King's bowl lineup will be available nationwide for purchase both in-store and through the Smoothie King app beginning today, Tuesday, October 3.

Sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, Smoothie King's latest launch might make you "dessert your lunch" – pun intended. Each handcrafted bowl boasts nutrient-dense bases of superfoods like açai or pitaya, and topped with fresh and high quality ingredients including non-GMO fresh fruits, Purely Elizabeth® Granola, coconut, dairy-free and vegan cocoa nibs and a new chocolate hazelnut drizzle made with only four ingredients. As with all of Smoothie King's smoothies and Smoothie Bowls, Açai Cocoa Haze™ and Coco Pitaya-Yah™ stay true to the brand's Clean Blends™ commitment and are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

"Let's be real – everyone loves chocolate! We knew chocolate toppings were the next iteration of our Smoothie Bowl options, so when guests asked, we listened," said Marianne Radley, CMO of Smoothie King. "Our newest bowls are perfect for chocolate lovers looking to satisfy a craving while still delivering the antioxidants and nutrient-rich ingredients found in our açai and pitaya bases. We're confident these new flavors will captivate guests' taste buds and leave them wanting more!"

Smoothie King's newest Smoothie Bowl flavors include:

  • Açai Cocoa Haze™ Smoothie Bowl – This perfect blend of rich and fruity flavors creates a mouthwatering masterpiece! Made with an açai base, the bowl features Purely Elizabeth® Granola, diced strawberries, sliced bananas and cocoa nibs, topped with a decadent chocolate hazelnut drizzle.
  • Coco Pitaya-Yah™ Smoothie Bowl – This sweet and crunchy combo features a pitaya base, Purely Elizabeth® Granola, coconut flakes, diced strawberries and cocoa nibs, topped with a decadent chocolate hazelnut drizzle. The juxtaposition of textures creates a symphony in your mouth!

Açai Cocoa Haze™ and Coco Pitaya-Yah™ join Smoothie King's existing lineup of power-packed Smoothie Bowls, including Bee Berry Sting™, Berry Goji Getaway™, Go Go Goji Crunch™, Hive Five™, PB Delight™, and PB Swizzle™. Each bowl is high in vitamin A and C, rich in antioxidants supporting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and is an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Smoothie King has curated its newest Smoothie Bowls to cater to different tastes and dietary needs, providing guests with delicious options to fit into their busy lifestyles without compromising on flavor. Joining the menu lineup in April 2023, Smoothie King sold over 1 million Smoothie Bowls in the first six weeks of its launch.

Want to try one? Just ahead of National Dessert Day, guests can enjoy a free 3.5 oz. Açai Cocoa Haze™ Smoothie Bowl on October 10 by signing up for Smoothie King's Healthy Rewards app.* For more information on Smoothie King's Smoothie Bowl offerings or to find a nearby location, visit or download the Healthy Rewards App, available on the App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about Smoothie King, visit our website, the Press Room, or check us out on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

*Free 3.5 oz. Açai Cocoa Haze™ Smoothie Bowl valid for Healthy Rewards members only (while supplies last). Reward not valid on other Smoothie Bowls. Must use reward to redeem. Valid in-store only. One per member only. Reward does not combine with other rewards or discounts. No purchase necessary. No cash value. Valid 10/10/23 only.

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