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Essential Functions/ Major Responsibilities

    • Creativity
      • Organizes complex terms and processes in an easy to understand written format (job aids, manuals, presentations)
      • Turns technical information into a unique and fun learning experience via scripting and video editing
      • Incorporates current, pop-culture trends into learning
      • Incorporates learning activities to achieve higher rates of information retention
    • Written Communication
      • Communications should focus on the Brand Standards, without influence of feelings/emotions
      • Considers the following when writing emails:
        • Legality
        • Tone
        • Perception of Message by recipient
      • Demonstrates the ability to clearly communicate directives and follow ups in a professional manner, including proper grammar and spelling
      • Writes with a clear and direct purpose and stays focused on the overall task and standard
    • Organizational Agility
      • Knows which department and / or individuals to work with to get training and documentation approved
      • Possesses an awareness of the organizational structures, processes, and dynamics
      • Bounces ideas off Team in order to strategize about the best way to launch the end-product and insure it is well-received
      • Recognizes when topics of discussion are confidential / sensitive
    • Planning
      • Determines scope and timeline before beginning a company-wide project
      • Sets expectations and milestone dates as part of a project plan
      • Determines project / ongoing metrics and measures against them
      • Plans for the unexpected
    • Managing Vision & Purpose
      • Can articulate the purpose of the brand standards, best practices and explains how they contribute to the Smoothie King Vision
      • Contributes to Smoothie King’s annual goals to increase guest counts and sales by writing training content that helps the store teams execute at a higher level
      • Has a track record of writing training content to execute the Brand Standards and Best Practices
    • Presentation Skills
      • Builds rapport with the audience
      • Makes eye contact with audience
      • Knows the audiences’ needs and addresses them
      • Possesses a strong stage presence
      • Plans out content, multimedia, and exercises
      • Punts to the Subject Matter Expert when they do not know the answer to a question
      • Uses language everyone understands (little to no jargon)
      • Gets the audience back on track if they are derailed from the topic(s) of the presentation
    • Problem Solving
      • Works with leadership and colleagues to solve the following issues:
        • Undefined processes
      • Appropriate type of communication and time to communicate information out
      • Short video production timelines
      • Troubleshoots technical issues with Franchisees and other Blend users calmly and professionally
      • Demonstrates the philosophy of "two sides to every story", "innocent until proven guilty" and "don't jump to conclusions"

Specific Job Requirements

    • Exceptional customer service skills including tact and diplomacy with the ability to demonstrate a professional demeanor.
    • Ability to build rapport while simultaneously holding everyone accountable to brand standards, policies, and procedures.
    • Outstanding organizational skills with the ability to juggle multiple projects with accuracy.
    • Writes with a clear and direct purpose and stays focused on the overall task and standard.
    • Demonstrates the ability to clearly communicate directives in a professional manner, including proper grammar and spelling.
    • Ability to follow lengthy oral and written instructions.
    • Strong sense of urgency and a “can-do” attitude.
    • Ability to work under deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate openly and honestly.

Education and Experience Requirements

    • A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Education, Training and Development, or equivalent experience in franchise F&B system.
    • At least two (2) years’ experience working in a content development role in the Training and Development field; experience in a Franchise Company or Food & Beverage, preferred.
    • Understanding and proficiency in using a Learning Management, required.
    • Experience working with Captivate, Storyline, or other eLearning software preferred.
    • Intermediate to advanced experience with MS Office (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel)
    • Personal passion for fitness is a plus.

How to Apply

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