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Success Stories / #ChangeAMeal Success Story: Troy

Feb 16, 2016 • Smoothie King

Our mission to inspire healthy and active lifestyles drives everything we do, including fueling our team members’ purposes inside and outside the store! Meet Troy, a Smoothie King franchisee from Frederick, Maryland, who lost 60 pounds* during the Change A Meal Challenge. Troy took the message to heart by taking action to improve his lifestyle and accomplish his weight loss goals.

Q: Why Change A Meal?

A: In August 2015, Troy says he became “fed up” with himself. Even though his physical results at the doctor’s office were good, he knew his current lifestyle wasn’t as healthy or active as it could be. His joints hurt, his back hurt, and he remembers feeling like something always hurt.

Working as a gym manager and fitness trainer in his early 20’s provided Troy with the knowledge he needed now to create a workout and diet plan. He decided to stick with the basics – easing back into regular workouts a few times a week and eating clean, healthy food with the support of Smoothie King’s Change A Meal Challenge smoothies.

Q: Which Meal Replacement Smoothie fuels Troy’s purpose?

A: Troy has a smoothie for a breakfast – usually one of the Lean1™ Smoothies. Then he eats four more small meals throughout the day, consuming carb-heavy meals earlier or around workouts. For a midday option, he has one of the Gladiator® Smoothies since they are high in protein.

Q: How has Smoothie King’s Change A Meal Challenge changed Troy’s life?

A: Before Troy began the challenge last year, he weighed in at 292 pounds. With a consistent exercise routine and low-calorie diet, including balanced meals and Smoothie King’s meal replacement smoothies, he’s now down to 232 pounds. He’s just 12 pounds away from his goal weight of 220 pounds!

Seeing his results and feeling better motivates Troy to continue down this path, and he’s enjoyed reclaiming the healthy, active lifestyle he remembers. He’s also looking forward to seeing the new results of his annual health exam. While some people don’t like going to the doctor, he can’t wait to go!

Q: What does Troy want people to know about Smoothie King?

A: Not only has Troy noticed the positive outcome of adopting a better lifestyle, but his team and guests notice, too. They ask, “What are you doing? You look good!”

Troy took the challenge and decided to do what’s best for his lifestyle. Get started and learn more:

Keep checking back here for more success stories!

*Weight loss is dependent on each individual’s needs and is based on a low-calorie diet combined with an exercise program. Consult your physician before beginning any diet program.


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