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Success Stories / #ChangeAMeal Success Story: Jenny

Mar 30, 2016 • Smoothie King

Good or bad, the choices we make not only impact us, but those around us. Jenny, a Smoothie King team member and mother of two, made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle that would benefit both her and her family. Read on to learn how she lost 15 pounds* and counting with help from the Change A Meal Challenge and a low-carb, high-protein diet with regular exercise.

Q: Why Change A Meal?

A: Jenny began the Change A Meal Challenge because she wanted to get healthy and more lean. She says she was tired of being overweight and not feeling comfortable in her own skin. She knew she had to make a change for her two boys in order to stay fit and energized and to keep up with them.

Q: What Meal Replacement Smoothie fuels Jenny’s purpose?

A: Jenny loves the Lean1™ Vanilla Smoothie with kale and a diet down enhancer. She also loves the Almond Mocha High Protein with peanut butter and a diet down enhancer. At home she makes her own Lean1™ Vanilla Smoothie with blueberries, kale and strawberries.

Q: How has Change A Meal changed Jenny’s life?

A: With help from the Change A Meal Challenge, a low-calorie diet, and regular exercise, Jenny achieved her weight-loss goal. Before the challenge, she weighed 211 pounds and now, she’s 196 pounds. She’s happy and proud to finally leave the 200’s. Also, she noticed an increase in her energy level despite being busy working two jobs, going to school, and having two kids.

In addition, she’s adopted a healthy diet that consists of gluten-free food, fruits and vegetables. She’s also switched to just drinking water instead of soda and juice. She makes a point to exercise as much as her schedule permits.

Q: What does Jenny want people to know about Smoothie King?

A: Jenny is proud to let others know whatever your wellness goals are, Smoothie King has a smoothie to fuel your purpose. “The challenge has restored my hope and I’ll continue to persevere with my newfound regimen,” said Jenny.

Jenny changed her life with one great choice. You can, too! Get started and learn more:

Keep checking back here for more success stories and submit yours for the chance to be featured!

*Weight loss is dependent on each individual’s needs and is based on a low-calorie diet combined with an exercise program. Consult your physician before beginning any diet program.


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