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Fitness / 3 Tips to Start Your Morning Like a Pelicans Pro Athlete

Oct 24, 2016 • Smoothie King

With the first Smoothie King Center home game of the season just a few days away, the New Orleans Pelicans are perfecting their morning routines for energy to crush the competition. They’ve shared their top tips for a great morning with us so you too can wake up and power on like a pro athlete.

1. Get Your Head in the Game

“I just like to get to the gym early because I feel like if I’m up there before everybody, and I get enough shots in, then I feel comfortable. I just try to separate myself from everybody.” – Buddy Hield, Shooting Guard

Even if you’re not an athlete, mentally preparing for the day ahead can help you better face any challenges that come your way. The Pelicans players have their own way to get their head in the game – whether it’s a hot shower, getting organized or giving thanks.

“My morning routine is – I just wake up, grab a light breakfast, get everything in order for today’s work and head straight to the gym.” – Solomon Hill, Forward

Figure out what gets you focused each morning and make time to make it happen, just like these players.

2. Hit the Gym

“I get up every morning, have a great, healthy, balanced breakfast, go right to the gym and get to work.” – Anthony Davis, Center

If there’s one thing these athletes’ morning routines have in common, it’s a great workout. Hitting the gym or fitting in a quick run in the morning can boost your energy levels and gets your metabolism going for the rest of the day. Not a morning person? Even just a quick walk can get you started on the right track to have a great day.

“I set my alarm for like 6:45, 6:30 … I don’t want to eat before I work out in the morning because I feel heavy. I just work out then go eat afterward.” -  Buddy Hield, Shooting Guard

Whether you fuel up post-workout like Hield or you need a little something before you hit the gym like Davis, the right nutrition is the key to having a great day…which leads to our final (and favorite) tip!

3. Have a Great Breakfast

“My morning routine consists of a great breakfast, coming into practice, and then getting a great protein [smoothie] from Smoothie King.” – Dante Cunningham, Forward

The best way to stay energized throughout the day? A great breakfast. Pelicans players know that a high-protein breakfast will sustain their energy and strength all day long. But these players, just like most of us, don’t have time to whip up bacon and eggs each morning. Instead, they fuel up quickly and easily with a fitness blend from Smoothie King.

“I get up every morning … and go right to the gym and get to work. It’s time to start working, So I want to make sure I have that breakfast in my system, so I’ll be able to be productive in the morning.” – Anthony Davis, Center

Whether you’re tackling a big game or a big meeting, our new Coffee High Protein Smoothies are blended with a purpose – to help you conquer your day post-workout. With 31+ grams of protein and Vitamins A, C, D, E and B12, this smoothie packs a nutritious and filling punch! Bonus – it only takes a quick stop at a Smoothie King location to fuel up on this breakfast meal replacement.

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