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Take a Break / B Nutritious’ Essentials For A Refreshing Summer

May 26, 2016 • Brooke Alpert

No matter where you’re going or for how long, packing is never easy. Between the towels, umbrellas, sunscreen, bathing suits and more, packing for a day at a pool, park or beach can sometimes seem like a great reason to just stay home – and that doesn’t even include food or drinks! You could always buy fast food if you don’t mind paying a premium for poor quality and nutrition, or you can take an extra minute to read this blog. Here are five refreshing summer foods and drinks that should always be in your beach bag so you don’t break the bank or your health.

  1. H2O: The most important item to bring to the beach is water. I like to stick a couple of reusable water bottles in the freezer the night before and throw them in a plastic bag to bring with me. Cool, free and refillable!
  2. Watermelon: One serving of watermelon provides 8% of your daily value of potassium, an important electrolyte, to help you battle the heat. It’s also aptly named, as it’s loaded with water to help your hydration stay as on point as your bathing suit!
  3. Coconut Water: Sometimes water just doesn’t quench your thirst and taste buds when you’re at the beach. Instead of getting one of those crazy colorful and sugary drinks, bring some coconut water with you for a refreshing drink.
  4. Popcorn: This is a great summer snack and a better-for-you option than chips. Try to snack on a simple flavor, like sea salt. This snack is yummy, and the salt is actually helpful to keep your electrolytes balanced.

  1. Smoothies: On your way to the beach, swing by your local Smoothie King to beat the heat with one of their all-new Summer Hydration Smoothies. There are four delicious, cool smoothies blended with Vita Coco coconut water and refreshing fruits like watermelon or strawberries to choose from. Refueling from the summer heat just got even easier!

I always have food on the brain, it’s a work hazard, so I’m not likely to forget any snacks…but I’d definitely be the one to forget a towel! What do you pack for the beach?


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