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Slim / 3 Simple Ways To Turn Resolutions Into Healthy Habits + A Smoothie King Giveaway!

Jan 26, 2015 • Smoothie King

With the new year in full swing and February right around the corner, our resolutions to workout more, lose weight or eat healthier can seem so far out of reach, and the temptation to quit starts nagging. But now is actually the perfect time to hold tight to those goals and build momentum toward lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.

Ready to take your resolutions to the next level? Take Smoothie King’s #ChangeAMeal Challenge to kick-start your health goals and instill healthy habits. It’s never too late to start!

Every time you change a meal with one of 11 Meal Replacement Smoothies, you’re filling your body with nutritious protein to help:

  • Burn fat.
  • Build lean, strong muscle.
  • Feel full and stay full longer.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Curb appetite.

Now that you have a health goal in mind, implement these tips to keep your resolutions and achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Easy ResolutionTips for Healthy Habits

Stay Simple.

Overcommitting to multiple, strict diet and fitness resolutions can deplete valuable time and energy, making good intentions difficult to maintain. Rather, focus on making ONE change that supports multiple health goals. For example, just changing one meal with a Meal Replacement Smoothie can save up to 500 calories* and provides essential vitamins, minerals and protein.

Be Specific.

Going after dramatic results can be daunting without specific steps to get there. First, commit to a plan. How often will you change a meal and which meal will you change? Second, ask for accountability. Sharing your commitment with friends is a great way to increase resolve and find people with similar goals – both of which increase your chances of reaching success.

Don’t Stop.

Have you heard the adage, "It takes 21 days to build a habit"?  The truth is, habit forming is just like health – everyone’s different! Fortunately, you can choose from 11 Meal Replacement Smoothies, in 28 flavors and blended for a purpose. Yours. Want to build muscle? Try Gladiator Protein. Slim down? Hello, Lean1. Stick to a vegan diet? Sunwarrior plant-based protein is for you. Many Smoothies are also gluten-free or dairy-free so everyone can get the nutrients they need to make a change.

Now let’s see how much you can change!

Show us your healthy lifestyle changes using #ChangeAMeal on Instagram for the chance to win Smoothie King gift cards now through June 2015.

*Based on an average 836 calorie fast food restaurant meal.


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